DAP Affected: Ascot

Ascot has an area zoned R10 Residential and Stables.  This means lots are generally around 1/4 acre, and used for single dwellings and stabling of racehorses. It is a Class-A heritage area.

Residents located in this area are adjacent to the Mixed Use zone along the Great Eastern Highway.  The residents have recently fought an application for a 9-storey serviced apartment complex at 264 Great Eastern Highway.   This application went to the MCJDAP, and was initially postponed because the two most affected residential properties were not consulted at all.  An affected resident was only told of the JDAP meeting 4 hours before it happened!

The developer immediately took the matter to SAT for running out of time for a JDAP decision, then SAT sent it back to the JDAP where it was refused on the basis that the traffic impact report used data more than a decade old and from a different suburb (!!). The matter went back to the SAT where the JDAP was again invited to reconsider, and it was approved 3-2.

Unfortunately, the City of Belmont supported the application despite numerous serious issues, but both Councillors spoke strongly against it. The issues with this approval are extensive, but in a nutshell the serious problems are:

  • a 9-storey tall brick wall 2m from a house in a heritage area on land zoned for maximum single dwellings and horse husbandry.
  • Racehorses living next to 24/7 high-rise serviced apartment activities.
  • The concrete box of a 2-storey carpark will be taller than the houses beside it!
  • The parking, building height and setbacks are all deficient against the applicable r-codes for the development type under the LPS.
  • The surrounding streets will not be able to handle the traffic impact when considered in context with other surrounding developments, and the driveway for this 112-unit development is less than 30m from the intersection of Epsom Ave and Great Eastern Highway – which is the only westbound exit point for the entire horse and stable area (200+ properties

DAP Affected Communities note the SAT is being used by applicants to undertake negotiations in secret with the DAP to mediate an outcome, to approve a development under section 31 of the SAT Act 2004.  Ref. article: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/cocacola-steps-in-to-help-in-fight-to-stop-waste-factory–in-kewdale-20160627-gpsz17.html

DAP Affected Communities believe this development approvals system (DAP/SAT) requires political intervention.