DAP Affected: Bassendean

A BASSENDEAN councillor has called Development Assessment Panels (DAP) “rigged” following the approval of 10 units for Walter Road East, Bassendean.

Councillor Paul Bridges said “The DAPs are rigged with three technical representatives and two council representatives so they always have the numbers to out vote the will of the democratically elected councils’.

The three expert panel members decided that Clause 67 (b) could be ignored because the proposed  changes to the Local Planning Scheme were not sufficiently advanced to cover the loophole the developer was trying to exploit.  This decision is flawed and requires an investigation.

DAP Affected Communities say:  This DAP decision is exactly why the community want powers given to the Minister to overturn DAP decisions which ignore Town Planning Schemes and local policies.  There are more than 50 DAP decisions approving outrageous developments without any scrutiny or accountability.

The Minister in her recent statement (LPGA, 13 Oct 2016) claimed that developments “must comply with the town planning scheme and not deviate away from it” yet she lacks any power to enforce compliance or overturn a decision such as this one.

Click here to read the article in Community News 19 October 2016

Dodgy DAP system rigged, Walter Road East Bassendean
Dodgy DAP system rigged, Walter Road East Bassendean