Fast food outlets near schools

An article in The West Australian today calls for controls on the proximity of fast food outlets near schools.

The community of Mandurah pleaded with the DAP in 2014 to vote against a McDonalds near its primary school, but lost.

Don Jacobson was very disappointed with the decision having campaigned against the McDonalds development.  Sadly he passed away last year from a severe illness.

Here’s what Don had to say to other communities struggling to be heard:

The development we opposed was for a service station / McDonalds / liquor store in a residential area sandwiched between two schools and a medical centre.  All our arguments were ignored; twice by JDAPs and once by a SAT.  My biggest complaint is that whilst the developer has multiple opportunities to appeal planning decisions, the community has none whatsoever. There needs to be a transparent, publicly accountable process whereby community groups can appeal these appalling JDAP decisions in the open.  To bring all those important issues that you all are bringing up under public scrutiny. Not for us to have to scratch around here and there in the (faint) hope that some media person somewhere will take up our cause.

Mandurah, Primary school, Macdonalds 2014
Fast food outlet approved near school.