DAP Affected: Swanbourne

Blackburne Property Group’s Aria Apartments, 2 Milyarm Rise, Swanbourne.

The City of Nedlands and the DAP refused this development on 23 October 2013.

Of course the developer appealed the decision at the State Administrative Tribunal and the refusal was overturned.

Read the full DAP report:

City of Nedlands was concerned about three things:

  1. The building height exceeds the height restrictions for the area and there is no discretion for this clause to be varied;
  2. It does not meet the deemed to comply provisions for design principles under clause 6.1.1 of the R Codes in relation to building size (plot ratio); and
  3. The proposed development does not represent orderly and proper planning in accordance with the Scheme.

Traffic reports submitted by the developer neglected to reference roads that will be negatively affected by the development. Glossing over impact. When it went to SAT the City focused on plot ratio and not traffic. They reviewed and downgraded initial concerns about traffic and seemed to propose acceptable compromise solutions. SAT sounds like an intimidating prospect that could drain City coffers if there are too many appeals. Pressure for compromise seems to be the preferred strategy.

When the Aria Project was brought forward to the SAT, the developer made minor adjustments by reducing the 204 units submitted to the DAP to 157 units, with only other minor changes. That is a final decision with a 300% increased plot ratio from original zoning for 55 units. And still a significant excess of originally zoned height and density in the Town Planning Scheme.

The shortfall of visitor parking will create challenges for the local community. There is only one road entrance to a building with parking for 350 vehicles and an expected 800 vehicle movements per day. Imagine the morning commute trying to exit onto busy Alfred Road off one small side street?

The nearest train is a 32 minute walk (2.3km), nearest bus a 6 minute walk taking 45 minutes to get into the city compared to 21 minutes by car.  Many criteria do not fit with the intention of infill targets but it was still approved at SAT.

Residents are frustrated about how they can lobby on these issues. Council can, but it seems they will be heavily pressured to compromise or face very high-cost appeals.

Resident of Swanbourne.