West Perth

A 17 storey apartment block behind heritage listed Edith Cowan House at 31 Malcolm Street, West Perth was approved by the DAP without any representation from the Perth City Council.

A group of neighbours objected to the development saying the $25 million block would be out-of-place in that spot.  It will be 40 metres high, hovering over Edith Cowan House.

Simon Withers, whose mother has owned and lived in the house on the east side of Edith Cowan House for 40 years, said the project did have support.

The development was approved on 17 May 2018, without Council representation, by the DAP panel 3-0.  A planning officer’s report is not Council representation!

Elected members of Perth City Council were dismissed in March 2018, with two commissioners appointed in their place.  One of the commissioners is Eric Lumsden who made the rules of the DAP system, rules that were made to diminish the role of elected members at the DAP.  He has not been appointed by the Minister for Planning to represent Perth City Council on the DAP as of June 2018.

Lot size 1,331m2, 60 dwellings and 74 car parking bays.


Post Newspapers, 2 June 2018