DAP Affected: South Fremantle

284 South Terrace, SOUTH FREMANTLE

It is acknowledged that there will be development at 284 South Tce, but not at all costs and at the expense of our amenity.

The concern is about appropriate levels of quality development within the context of the South Fremantle heritage area, the Local Area Policy (D.G.S2) and existing issues and problems.

“The objective of this policy is to protect the amenity of the Local Area while reinforcing its role within the City and allowing compatible development.”

Also, I urge you to read objectives of the Access and Location of Infill Development in Residential Areas (PD 2.2.7) before listening to any councillor or developer.

As residents of the local community we object to the current proposal.

Residents have been forced to attend JDAP, because we do not have confidence that our views as stakeholders will be represented by our elected member, Councillor Sullivan who has clearly demonstrated at the planning meeting (2 March 2016) that he supports the developer without reservation or consideration for residents’ concerns. In fact, he publicly ridiculed our concerns about parking which is the most serious of community concern.

Local residents concerns (affect on amenity)

  • Misrepresentation/non disclosure: the nature of tenancy matters. It was advertised as 6 commercial tenancies, no restaurant was specified.  It was not until the council planning meeting (2 March 2016) that the community found out.

The impact of a restaurant in a densely populated area with limited parking in narrow streets is significantly different to an accountancy practice, eg; it is not disclosing the traffic and parking impact that this will have on the wider community.

The potential impact on the wider community warrants notification to all people concerned not only to people within 100 m of the development.

  • Local Area Policy: this development contradicts the Local Area Policy: it is the antithesis of the intent of the objectives
  • Most importantly, it sets an inflexible precedent for future development.

This policy was developed specifically to cater for the identity of South Fremantle: narrow streets, often one side only parking, high density, no off street parking for residents, and heritage buildings.

The policy, therefore, becomes critical for any development proposal.


  • The Council’s notification to people within 100 m of the development but explicitly states the potential impact on the whole community

“… Specifically, the application proposes the following variation to the local planning scheme, relevant panning policies and /or deemed to comply requirements of the Residential Design Codes:

  • Boundary Walls (south, east)
  • Street setbacks (primary and secondary)
  • Open space
  • On site car parking
  • Other – discretionary land uses, dwelling size”

Given the significant impact identified clearly by the council, there has been no community consultation and insufficient engagement.

  • Rather than the subjective assumption by a planning officer and the developer, a formal traffic impact assessment would adequately inform on traffic congestion, danger, flow and access to South Terrace and Charles St. for
  • a restaurant, 4 commercial tenancies plus 20 apartments:
  • vehicle entry for the above opposite the hotel car park into a narrow street that already carries all the traffic for the hotel.
  • The report fails to address how the 3 storey development’s scale and bulk  is  sympathetic to the existing character of the street scape of Charles St where buildings present as single storey houses with front setbacks (not to boundary); or how this development is in tune with the narrative of the local heritage neighbourhood when it rivals and dominates the hotel which has been the important and most imposing structure in the street.

DAP approved on 11 March 2016.  Click here: