DAP Affected: Fremantle supports #ScraptheDAP

Fremantle Society and Fremantle Ratepayers Association are very concerned about the loss of Fremantle’s heritage significance as a tourist destination.  Members attended a meeting were Mayor Ron Norris and Cr Julie Matheson presented some case studies of DAP Affected Communities and how the State Government’s plans for infill at any cost has affected them through the DAP approvals system.

Here’s what one Fremantle resident said:

I enjoyed your scrap the DAP presentation for the Fremantle Society dinner at the Maja Restaurant. I felt heartened that there are people like you with tremendous commitment and enthusiasm to improve the quality of planning decisions.

I have enclosed my DAP experience at 284 South Terrace Fremantle, not because I’d expect you to read it, but there may be a file somewhere out there that collects all these cases. This is a major non-compliant development that is also incompatible with density and heritage of the local South Fremantle area

In this case, besides the fact of no third-party appeal, DAP was not the worst aspect of the experience. The most devastating and disappointing part was the total lack of ratepayer representation by the two panel members representing City of Fremantle at the DAP meeting. Both these councillors spoke for and on behalf of the developer and the development promoting the State Government’s flawed ideology of infill at any cost.

Therefore, I hold very little hope that the CoF will join the other councils and adopt the Scrap the DAP motion, because DAP provides CoF with a convenient tool to justify all their inappropriate development that the community does no want.