DAP Affected by bias reporting.

In the absence of fair reporting, DAP Affected Communities have this to say about this recent article in The West Australian dated 30-31 July 2016, page 9.

Let's have some fair reporting about the DAP, thank you.
Let’s have some fair reporting about the DAP, thank you.


Town of Victoria Park passes Abolish DAP motion.
Town of Victoria Park passes Abolish DAP motion.

DAP Affected: South Perth Peninsular


JDAP has refused the application for a 44 Storey building at 74 Mill Point Rd. Four of the five members agreed with the council’s recommendation to refuse on various grounds that the proposal was not in harmony with the with existing buildings in terms of scale, form and setbacks. Four traffic engineers could not agree with the impact of traffic, but one does not have to be an engineer to know that is would be horrendous! 

We are pleased that the JDAP panel members really did listen to the concerns of the council and the community!! 

Even though this is great news, the applicant will take it to SAT. So there are more hurdles – but we will celebrate this step. Thankyou to everyone who came today and supported the presenters – it was a fantastic response to a marathon afternoon. 

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South Perth Peninsular Action Group

DAP Affected Communities note the SAT is used by applicants to undertake negotiations in secret under section 31 of the SAT Act 2004 with the DAP to mediate an outcome, which include minor changes to a development application to get an approval.

DAP Affected Communities believe this development approvals system (DAP/SAT) requires political intervention.