Councils vote to Abolish the DAP

DAP affected communities are supporting their local councils to move an in principle motion to ABOLISH THE DAP.

Mayor John Carey and Cr Julie Matheson spoke to ABC News about the current DAP system.

So far the following Councils are proposing motions similar to Mayor Carey’s of the City of Vincent:

  1. Vincent – motion passed
  2. Mosman Park – motion passed
  3. Nedlands – motion passed
  4. Cambridge – motion passed
  5. Subiaco – motion passed
  6. Stirling – motion passed
  7. Bayswater – motion passed
  8. South Perth – motion passed
  9. Belmont – motion passed
  10. Cottesloe – motion passed
  11. Claremont – motion passed
  12. Swan – working on it
  13. Peppermint Grove – motion passed
  14. Gosnells – working on it
  15. Kalamunda – working on it
  16. Melville – motion passed
  17. Cockburn – working on it
  18. Kwinana – working on it
  19. Victoria Park – motion passed
  20. Fremantle – working on it
  21. East Fremantle – motion passed
  22. Mundaring – 2009 early adopter of a motion against the DAP
  23. Serpentine-Jarrahdale – motion passed
  24. Shire of Pingelly – motion passed 17 August 2016

If you are a DAP affected community, now is a great opportunity to speak to your elected council members and request your council’s support and vote for the abolition of the current DAP process.

And if you think a change of government will abolish the DAP, think again.  Labor under the leadership of Mark McGowan has just supported City of Perth Bill in collaboration with the current government.

DAP has bi-partisan support.  It’s up to our councils to make a stand on the DAP.

Bayswater Town Centre

The residents of Bayswater are currently facing a 7 storey development proposal for our small town centre along King William Street. Our town planning scheme was amended last year to mixed development up to 5 storeys at 20m. A developer, Yolk Property Group have come in with a proposal for 7 storeys at 20m, despite the 5 storey restriction on a site less than 1000 m2 with a maximum of 2 storey heritage buildings in the area.

In our attempts to come to grips with the impact and scale of this proposal, we commissioned a 3D walk through of the town site showing 5 storeys at 20m on the proposed site. For context, we also commissioned a view of 3 stories on the town site.

Whilst every area and site is different, you may like to view this for your reference:

#11 King William Street, 3 storeys at 12 metres high:

#9 & 11 King William Street, 5 storeys at 20 metres high:

King William Street precinct at 3 storeys at 12m high: