What do we want?

DAP affected communities want the current DAP system abolished and support our local councils to advocate for the same outcome.

We want a fair and open decision-making process when any property development break the rules of our local town planning schemes.

In particular we want:

  1. Real community consultation before plans are developed, not tinkering around the edges after the plans have been through planning departments.
  2. Restrictive use of the discretionary clause from any local planning schemes by the DAP, WAPC, MRA.
  3. Same right of appeal as applicants to the State Administrative Tribunal.
  4. SAT Section 31 mediation to be held in public, including public representation to mediate an outcome.
  5. When an amendment to a scheme is by a property developer, the development application must comply with the amendment, with no concessions granted.
  6. Well-resourced Solicitor’s Office to defend decisions which the community supports, ie Mcdonalds vs DAP on Reynolds Road.
  7. A “trades parking management plan” for all developments valued at $2million or more.

If we do not get what we want, watch this space.

One thought on “What do we want?

  1. we want retention of Special rural areas forever to alleviate the extinction of our wildlife. We want to live in a democracy not a police state. We want input and idea sharing for the good of ALL things for the benefit of all. We are not against progress and many great ideas have been put forward to a non listening government for over 25 years. This now needs to be force fed to them. After all they have been doing this to us for years. Thank you to the councils supporting DAP,s abolition.

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